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Improve Adaptability, Mountability and Protection

Improve Adaptability, Mountability and Protection

STEMTera Breadboard has a LEGO® compatible bottom cover that enables LEGO® bricks to be connected directly into STEMTera Breadboard without using special mounting or adapters.

USB Enhancement Without Extra Components

USB Enhancement Without Extra Components

With ATmega32U2 exposed, users can now develop native USB projects with an extra 21 IO pins. These extra IO pins can work directly with the LUFA framework without having a middleman to translate messages like the original Arduino UNO.

Reduce Messy Wires

Reduce Messy Wires

STEMTera Breadboard eliminates messy wires by having two microcontrollers built inside the breadboard, thus providing direct access to ATmega328P and ATmega16U2’s IO pins.


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  • Dual Microcontroller

    With a total of 41 IO pins of which 9 provide PWM. Pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino UNO R3 shield .

  • LEGO® compatible bottom cover

    The bottom cover of STEMTera Breadboard will fit into a 10x14 LEGO® base plate.

  • USB native development

    Exposed ATmega32U2 allows native USB development.

  • LED embedded

    4 LEDs beautifully mounted flush with the breadboard.

  • Multiple IDE support

    Atmel® Studio, Arduino IDE, AVR-GCC, AVR-GCC with LUFA, Scratch, etc.

  • Strong enclosure

    Built with strong ABS plastic.

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